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North Fork Valley Project

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North Fork Valley Air Monitoring Project 


Project Summary


      Our engineering research group at the University of Colorado, Boulder has developed next-generations air quality monitoring systems.  These systems are low-cost and versatile; the hope is that they will make air monitoring more accessible, thereby facilitating more citizen science efforts.  For this project both a network of stationary monitors and several mobile monitors will be utilized for different purposes.  

     The North Fork Valley is a rural community, primarily agricultural, although there are currently fossil fuel extraction activities taking place, as well as, the potential for expansion of the industry.  This community currently lacks air quality data, despite the fact that they have over 10 years of citizen collected water quality data.  The hope is that these monitors can facilitate the collection of useful air quality data for the community.

     Another focus of the project is outreach and education, as such we are working with several local high schools (Delta School District 50).  This project will provide high school students with the opportunity to assist in maintaining the monitors and also planning and conducting their own air quality investigations (project-based learning).  This project is a collaboration between the University of Colorado, Boulder and the Western Slope Conservation Center, Paonia CO.  An overarching goal of this project is to provide this rural community with resources and support for engaging in Environmental Education. 


Project Goals


  • Collect a year of baseline air quality data for the NFV community (ozone and carbon dioxide, as well as, supporting meteorological data)
  • Engage local students in citizen science activities and air quality education; some students will conduct their own research (including planning, data collection, data analysis, and presenting their results); this work also connect rural students to University researchers - giving them a window into academia and scientific research


Stationary Monitoring Network 

*(this includes a calibration station at Paonia HS, with reference monitors and seven stationary next-gen monitors) 
















Participating Schools  


We worked with students from several local schools.  The work included everything from one-day lectures on air quality and technology demos, to supporting long-term students defined research projects. The posters presenting the students' research can be found at the link below. Be sure to check out the great work they did!


Final Projects - Student Posters 


School Workspaces (used for communication and planning with CU researchers, last updated April 2014)





Newspaper Articles, Radio Interviews, & Additional Information





Funding Provided by the University of Colorado, Boulder, Office of Outreach & through the NSF AWG-SRN Project 





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